Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker with 350 paper Filters

Handy coffee maker for a nice cuppa, ideal during travel, convenient and unbreakable, including 350 coffee filters and instructions.

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Finally you can really make delicious coffee on the go without any hassle and a long wait.
Get rid of that instand coffee.
Because let's be honest, that's not really nice and not really coffee.

The AeroPress is the first manual coffee maker whose coffee really tastes good and is not just an improvised solution.
We first stumbled across it when we were with friends in Finland, who use it every day.
Meanwhile, it is also indispensable in our kitchen - whether at home or in the car.

In contrast to the French Press, many Aromas are dissolved during pressing with the AeroPress, but the substances that cause the bitter taste remain in the filter.
Moreover, the coffee is perfectly filtered, so that the coffee can be ground very finely and you do not have coffee muck in the coffee mug.

How AeroPress works:
The AeroPress consists of a cylinder, a piston and a filter holder.
The ground coffee is put in the cylinder, you pour hot water over it, stir it and you can squeeze a delicious cup of coffee out of it.
It's that simple.
Simple, fast and tasty :-)

The AeroPress is simple and quick to use and easy to clean - perfect for a good cup of coffee when traveling, at home or in the office.
No compromise anymore, but a coffee like coffee should taste.

And the Porlex (16634) coffee grinder fits exactly (and almost completely, minus a few centimeters) in the Aero Press. So almost no extra loss of space and certainly no reason why you would not have a nice fresh cup of coffee on the way.

AeroPress coffee pot
350 paper filters incl. Dispenser
Coffee size spoon
Stir bar
Funnel for ground coffee

You do not necessarily need a coffee dispenser, stirrer and funnel, so you only take the AeroPress itself and the filters with you when traveling.
-The paper filters can be rinsed, dried and reused after use
- Instead of the paper filter, stainless steel filter can also be used (see accessories).

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