Elgena Nautic-Compact Warmluftboiler Typ LE 10 Liter, 230 V / 500 W Luftdurchlass mit Elektroanschluß

Warmwasserboiler für Reisefahrzeuge und Boote, Brauchwasser wird über Standheizung oder eingebaute 230V Elektropatrone erwärmt ( 500W ), 10 Liter
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The Nautic-Compact hot water boiler was designed by Elgena especially for expedition vehicles, campervans and motor and sailing yachts.
The type LE can heat service water both via the built-in electric heater and via the warm air of the auxiliary heater. Take a nice shower in the evening after the ride, without wasting even a cent of energy.

When fully heated (for example, electrically to about 70 ° C, over air to the temperature of the air flow) you get by adding cold water,  two to three times the amount of hot water - depending on how warm the water should be.

Nautic-Compact is pressure-resistant and can therefore be mounted on any cold water supply with hose lines. The water connection fits submersible pumps, foot or hand pumps as well as for pressure pumps. If the boiler is to be connected to a water pipe with a pressure higher than 2,5 bar, you have to use a pressure reducer.
The devices are designed for hose connections to counteract the vibrations in the maritime and mobile area. Nautic-Compact is designed in such a way that even when the hot water tank is empty, the boiler always remains filled and can never be pumped empty - complete emptying is therefore only possible when the water drain valve is opened.

Boilers and heat exchangers of the Elgena Nautic-Compact are made of high-quality acid-proof V4A stainless steel and completely insulated. As a result, even after a long time still warm water is available.
The excellent insulation ensures that even the next day warm water is available.

A detailed installation manual is enclosed with each device.

5 years warranty!

Dimensions of packaging:
59 x 23 x 26 cm / 5.5kg

Technical specifications:
Installation position: horizontal floor mounting
Operating pressure: 0-3bar
Heating element: stainless steel V4A / Incoloy
Voltage / Power: 230 V - 500 W
Heating time: approx. 33 min (55 ° C 500 W)
Water temperature: about 70 ° C preset
Frost protection adjustable
Hot water connection: Ø 10mm for hose connection

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