Jerry can „extreme next“ (5l+0.4l+0.4l) with integrated Hi-Lift base red

combined 3-in-1 'extreme' jerry can for storage and transportation of liquids under extreme conditions; ideal for camping, traveling, offroading.
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Pleae note - Markings on products and differences Russia vs. Germany:

The marked volumina by the manufacturer might differ slightly in reality. We have measured all of the canisters and to date we have found the following differences for you to kindly note: 4,5l Kombi = 3,5l (plus additional tanks) / 5l Kombi = 5,5l plus additional tanks) / 7l = 6,5l / 14l = 13,5l / 18,5l = 17l / 20l Kombi = 19,25l (plus additional tanks). The rest of the items should be ok.

Same goes for markings about the acual contents the certifications regarding suitability for certain liquids: None of the porducts are marked according to UN dangerous goods transportation nor are they officially certified for such use. Their suitability for drinking water and food in general has been approved by a Russian laboratory but again, there is not special marking on the product that complies with any international standard for food or water transportation.

Depending on your use case, canisters might have special color requirements based on their contents and need special markings about the specific liquid contained. These products are made for offroad use and all other uses are solely at your own risk.

As usual products underly slight changes over the years, as in shape of handles, valves, lids etc. and we have absolutely no control over that. While we are trying to keep all descriptions of photos up to date, things can change before we know. So please treat pictures and text as symbolic and don't sue us for a slightly different handle or lid ;)

None of the above impairs the quality and suitability of these canisters of offroad use in severe conditions, but we think we should let you know in case you need some specially certified containers for a special liquid, this is NOT your product!

combined 3-in-1 canister 'extreme' 5 liters + 2x 0,4l.  made of durable, high-density polymer, which gives the product special strength and prevents rapid wear in extreme conditions. The original design immediately includes 3 containers for liquids. The canister is designed to transport various types of flammable (gasoline, diesel fuel, oil) and food (water, beer and others) types of liquids. At the same time it is possible to transport: gasoline, oil, diesel fuel. These cans can be used by absolutely anyone with a vehicle. The Extreme  canister is especially good for two-stroke engines in which it is necessary to mix oil and gasoline. The canister is designed in such a way that its middle, made in the form of a platform, can serve as a support for hijack. It withstands a load of 4 atmospheres.

The flat canister is made of high-density polymer - withstands the most severe operation in extreme situations.
Due to its unusual shape and dimensions, the canister can be fixed almost anywhere. Convenient handles for carrying and fastening the canister in the most unexpected places.

It is unique in its kind thanks to the following advantages:
The kit includes three containers of small volumes: 5 liter canister. red and two canisters of 0.4 liters. yellow and black.
Thanks to the presence of several tanks it allows you to transfer gasoline, oil and diesel fuel at the same time. It is convenient for owners of chainsaws or, for example, in the operation of two-stroke engines.
A five-liter canister, thanks to a specially squeezed out platform on it, can be used as a stand for a rack jack.
0.4 liter capacity It has special measuring notches that allow you to see the amount of fluid transferred.


Operating Rules for use with fuel:
Vapors can explode from a spark or source of fire even at a great distance!
Keep away from fire, burners, stoves, heaters, electric motors and other sources of fire;
keep out of the reach of children;
do not store in a vehicle or residential area;
Store in a well-ventilated area;
DO NOT SMOKE while using the canister;
Vapors by inhalation are harmful to the lungs.
Ingestion: Induce vomiting. Urgently call a doctor
Do not pump out fuel by mouth

other rules:
keep the canister closed between uses;
During long-term storage of fuels and lubricants in a canister that does not have a valve, tighten the cap completely. Store canisters upright. Repeated inflation and contraction of the canister can lead to cracks.
Keep track of the condition of the canister and it will serve you for a long time.


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Technical specifications
5 Liter
can be driven over combi Hi-Lift-Base
Item weight:
1,40 kg
Dimensions packing ( l × w × h ):
30,00 × 35,00 × 11,50 cm
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