THE Brake 6x6 barebone-Kit

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This is the barebone kit to convert Volvo C303/C304/C306 portal axles to a proper disc brake. It ibcludes only the most important parts that you cannot get anywhere else or we think you should really have.

General information

The conversion has been developed over the course of two years with the following goals in mind:
  • retain stock main brake cylinder
  • retain stock booster setup
  • retain stock brake system layout, because it is much better than the Pinzgauer 716/718 layout
  • being able to stop a 4t 6x6 on 37" tires within legal limits
  • being able to do so without the automatic 4WD/6WD engagement that is present on stock setups
  • having identical, all dust sealed brake calipers all around the car, for best servicability at the end of the world (e.g. take a caliper from the rear if one of your fronts fails to bring you home safely)
  • using only unmodified discs and pads that can be found on the market and used without machining, re-drilling and alike
  • switching from 16" to 17" to allow for larger tire selection in non-aggressive treads and beyond 36" diameter, since that's what overlanders are looking for - especially the diesel guys will understand

What you will get
  • 6x custom hubs, newly manufactured from forged 42CrMo4qt steel with polished and induction hardened sealing surfaces/splines, pre-drilled CTIS air duct, G3/8" thread in front for optional CTIS valve mounting and a polished 10mm socket in the rear to accept a swivel air connector to the portal housing. This hub will convert your axle to 5x130mm PCD and accept our 330x32mm rotor.
  • 8x custom 4-piston caliper machined from billet aluminum, hard anodized in satin black, all aluminum anodized pistons in differential setup for even brake pad wear (2x38.6mm & 2x41.2mm), 16x M12x1.5 mounting bolts are included aswell.
  • 4x brake pad kits (for 2 calipers each), DP2002 GreenStuff by EBC
  • 8x CNC machined brake caliper mounting bracket, (electro) zinc plated S355 steel, 24 7/16x1 1/2" grade 9 (12.9) mounting bolts included

What you will have to care for yourself
  • wheels: PCD5x130 and 84mm centering hole, offset/backspacing and width depending on tire choice etc. 16" steel wheels will most certainly not fit, because they usually have a very deep bed. 16" aluminum beadlock wheels by Tibus actually fit around the calipers, but have only around 3mm clearance to the front face. There is also an 18" version that might fit. Ask us if you are interested in these.
  • M14x1.5 R14 ball seat wheel bolts to go with your wheels of choice. For steel wheels, 55mm length should be perfect.
  • brake discs 330x32mm, vented from Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg or Audi Q7
  • brake hose to directly connect to the calipers with M10x1 banjo bolts to the Volvo type UNF connector on the other end
  • brake pressure reduction valves for the rear axles. we use fixed 3/15 ratio for the 6x6, you can use manual valves for different setups and weight distributions, but you really need to know what you are doing here!
  • wheel bearings: We do not have a good supplier with meaningful pricing, so we do not offer bearings with our kits. To be able to correctly set the pre-load on the bearings, it is recommended to change both inner and outer bearing. Some people only change the outer bearing (e.g. put a new one on the new hub), but this practice is only recommended if your inner bearings have been changed very recently.
  • Any type of rubber seals or whatever stuff you might come across on your portals are considered standard servicing material and therefore not included in any of our kits.
  • To properly connect the brake lines you will most certainly have to make new steel (or CuNiFe) lines from the T connector on the axles to the wheels, as the old steel lines will probably be pretty bad. We recommend inserting the brake pressure reduction valve(s) into the lin running along the frame from front to rear. Easiest solution here is also a completely new brake line. Your choice!
  • mudflaps/wheel arch overlap: Several countries have regulations regarding overlap of the wheel arch with the tire running surface. At best this conversion will end up on the legal side, but you will most certainly get a dirty car when driving through a mud pit. So you will want to care about some sort of mud flap and side lips on the wheel arches - for whatever reason. This largely depepends on tire size and tread shape of course, so we cannot give you a definite answer as to how much you will need. There is a picture on the terangbil-forums to illustrate this here.
  • legalization. as is, this is a purely motorsport type of setup, without any kind of certification or documentation for TÜV/MOT or any other authorities. while we are confident, that the setup will do the job, we can not guarantee in any way, that you can legally use it in your country. What we can supply you with: load certificate for the steel wheel, material certificates of hubs and caliper brackets, all basic dimensions aswell bolt sizes/strengths. We will not be able to supply technical drawings and alike.

Please inquire about shipping costs prior to ordering. This product will be produced only after ordering and successful payment. Delivery time after ordering is about 12 weeks, depending on your location.

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