Module 230V-IN-OUT 12V, Victron 1600VA sine wave inverter with mains priority circuit, 70A battery charger, 230V FI/LS small distribution, 12V fusing, wiring diagram, optional: remote control, feeder plug

Module 230V for electrical systems in land and water vehicles. Contains inverter or charger depending on the selected system size, as well as accessories + installation and simplified circuit diagrams for self-assembly.

IMPORTANT INFO: The power pro system is ALWAYS linked to personal advice over the phone. Modules can only be purchased afterwards. Find out more here!

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Module 230V in tigerexped power pro system

Today it is hard to imagine without 230V in travel vehicles. Even if you mainly want to stay free from camping or parking spaces, shore power feed-in is usually relevant. In this way, the vehicle can be parked for a longer period of time, bad weather phases can be bridged without solar yield, or the batteries can be quickly recharged in between.

Inverter or charger for 230V / 110V

Especially when e.g. 2+ travelers are working on the computer, a high inverter power with pure sine wave and a properly functioning network priority circuit are extremely important. Then even power-hungry consumers such as a travel hairdryer, a small coffee machine or the induction hob are no problem.

We are using a Multiplus from Victron Energy here. This is connected directly to the PLUS rail of the storage module and monitored by the BMS. A remote control panel is optionally available, which provides an important function:

You may already know the situation - you plug the shore power plug into a socket at the campsite in the small village and bang, everything dead initially no more electricity. The control panel enables the charging current to be manually limited to just below the load limit, so we charge more slowly but better than not at all.

In order to be able to charge the batteries in countries with 110V shore voltage, we also have a corresponding charger option under the 230V modules.

Note: The inverter should be mounted on a vertical wall so that it is well ventilated. The performance is limited if the temperature is too high.
Mains priority circuit

The mains priority circuit of the Multiplus inverter enables a complete 230V parallel installation to be saved. Fully automatically, either the 230V generated in the inverter from the battery is fed to the sockets in the motorhome, or within a few seconds (after testing) the shore power plugged in from the outside is passed through. In the past you had two separately laid 230V installations for this purpose, today many devices hardly notice it when the source changes between "inside" and "outside".

Further components of the Module 230V

For the connection to the memory module, a correspondingly dimensioned fuse including a reasonable (!) Holder is included.
Furthermore, a data cable to the BMS and remote control as well as a 230V small distribution in a housing with cover, which contains a FI / LI with 16A. The whole thing is preprogrammed for use with our memory modules! However, we also supply a corresponding programming cable so that later adjustments are possible.

230V installation in the vehicle - IMPORTANT

230V installations must be carried out or at least technically approved by qualified personnel! So, as with all modules, you should know what you are doing, especially in this case. Our circuit diagrams also show the 230V installation in a simplified form, so do NOT offer an electrical crash course if you lack the relevant basic knowledge!

Variants (inverter size, charger versions)

In the dropdown at the top right you get an overview of the available variants of the 230V Module.
As for all of our tigerexped power pro modules, however, the following applies: We want your electrical system to be really perfectly coordinated and to run safely and efficiently, which is why module packages can only be purchased after personal advice from one of our experienced electrical professionals.

That sounds good? Then request your telephone advice right here!

Buy individual components

In addition to our tigerexped power pro module range for more demanding projects, which is always linked to personal advice, you can of course also simply order individual parts for your electrical system from us in the shop - see, for example, the menu item: Build Your Vehicle -> Electrical System.

basic packages

Furthermore, you can easily put together a complete basic electrics package yourself in our configurator. No matter what you choose: All pre-selected components fit together perfectly and result in an electrical system that is usually completely sufficient for normal camping and vanlife holidays.



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