Solar Bag /Foldable Solar Panel 135Wp "tiny tiger 135" with cable set (ETFE surface, 3x45W Sunpower)

Solar bag with an ultra-high cell efficiency of 24.4% (!) to connect to the camper's on-board or starter battery. Under hot conditions up to 25% more performance than comparable products thanks to our improved temperature coefficient!

ETFE surface and micro lenses for less light reflection. 

A solar charge controller is required for the connection: it can be configured as an option or purchased via a pricereduced set together with the solar bag and suction cups for attachment behind the windscreen: TEX .


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Solar bag 135Wp - trimmed for performance!

All tigerexped solar modules, whether semi-flexible, rigid or as a foldable, flexibly erectable solar bag, were designed according to our own specificationsfor highest energy yield. They feature ultra-high efficiency and other technical improvements over comparable offerings. This solar bag can produce up to 25% more electricity for the batteries of your mobile home or camper, especially when it is very warm! We have also increased the efficiency of the EVO models to 24.4%.

Foldable, mobile modules vs. fixed solar panels

Solar bags are used when the vehicle is stationary. With integrated, fold-out feet, they can be set up in any positionand according to the best angle to the sun. In this way, an optimal power output is achieved. In addition, it is possible to park in the shade with flexibly deployable folding panels while it produces electricity in the sun. With modules permanently mounted on the roof, it's either electricity OR a comfortable temperature in the vehicle.

Charge controller

A solar charge controller is required to connect to the vehicle battery. A 5 m long cable is already included in the delivery. If there is already a controller for a permanently installed solar system in the camper/mobile home, it can be used IF(!) it can process the joint, maximum power. For an optimal performance yield, however, it is advisable to use your own MPPT charge controller - with a shaded panel and a panel in the sun, MPPT controllers otherwise work with an average performance that achieves the performance yield not the best for both of them. The optional SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 solar controller (see the configurator above) fits our tiny tigers with 135 Wp perfectly. It conveniently delivers the charging data to your mobile phone via Bluetooth for checking. Extension or replacement cables are also sold separately.

Solar bags are not waterproof and should therefore not be left outside in rain. In this case, behind the windscreen is the best place, even when you leave the vehicle.. Used in this position in the sun / heat, it also shields the cab from excessive wind solar radiation.

The solar bag has a practical carrying handle when folded and fits into a narrow storage slot.

Key data and packing size

tiny tiger 135 consists of 3 panels with 45W each, so a total of 135W.

The small pack size is also worth mentioning; the pocket. The folded size is 560 x 440 x 20 mm, when unfolded it is 1525 x 560 x 4 mm.

The biggest PLUS in comparison to similar products is the cell efficiency of 24.4%,which gives you more performance in a smaller pack size; delivers.

More performance in twilight and heat

Not every light frequency in the spectrum can be used to produce solar power. However, the cells used in our solar bags and other modules can use a larger light spectrum than usual and so a tiny tiger can still get power out of the twilight even in the evening remaining daylight.

In the midday heat, an improved temperature coefficient ensures that the otherwise usual heat losses are lower and the performance does not collapse. They achieve up to 25% higher energy yield in heat than comparable panels!

ETFE surface with micro lenses for focusing light

ETFE is a plastic that is more translucent than other transparent plastics. It is also dirt-repellent - you can imagine it like a Teflon coating in the frying pan at home. This means that little dirt sticks to our foldable solar modules and can be removed very easily if necessary.

Micro lenses also ensure that little light is reflected even when the sun is not in the right position. On the contrary, it is bundled by the micro-lenses and guided directly onto the cells.

Connection to the vehicle

The connection to the starter or interior battery of the mobile home or camper is made via the cigarette lighter (of course, this must not have an automatic switch-off when the ignition is off) or via crocodile clips, directly on the poles of the battery.

Note that a suitable solar charge controller must be connected in between! One of these is available individually or with the bag and suction cups for attachment behind the windscreen in our Schattenparker-Kit as a discounted all-round carefree set.


Performance data:

Max. Power (P max)     135W
Open Circuit Voltage (V oc)     46.64V
Short-circuit current (I sc)     3.61 A
MPP voltage (V mpp)     39.6V
MPP current (I mpp)     3,41 A
Max. System Voltage     100V
Size folded     560x440x20mm
Size expanded     1525x560x4mm
cell technology     Sunpower Maxeon Gen III
Grade     Ultra High Performance
Cell efficiency     24.4%

Scope of delivery:

  • Solar bag tiny tiger 135
  • 1x 5m long connection cable from the solar bag to the controller cable
  • 2 cables for connection to the solar controller (1x controller solar bag, 1x controller battery connection cable)
  • 1x connection cable with battery pole clamps
  • 1x connection cable for cigarette lighter



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