Solar Panel Super Flat 110Wp "black tiger sf 110" (ETFE surface, 31x Sunpower cells, 1080x540mm)

High-performance solar module, super flat with 110 Wp. Adapts to the curving of the vehicle-roof, no substructure required! Better thermal coefficient for up to 25% more performance on hot roofs!


  • 24.2% cell Efficiency(!)
  • light and super flat
  • suitable for slightly curved surfaces
  • Sunpower cells of the highest quality with a total of 110 Wp
  • dirt-repellent ETFE surface
  • Microlenses for less surface reflection when the sun is at an angle
  • flexible up to 2,5 % over the length of the module.
  • Available immediately
  • Delivery time: 4 - 5 Workdays (Other countries)
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Solar Module Super Flat for curved surfaces

Our black tiger sf solar modules are super flat and particularly suitable for slightly curved surfaces. They can be installed on the roof of the camper without a compensating substructure. With their extra high efficiency of over 24%, an improved temperature coefficient and other features, they are designed for maximum performance for more electrical power per area for your camper.

Cell efficiency

It's worth comparing! This frameless, super flat solar module is uncompromisingly designed for maximum energy yield per area and offers a full 24.2% efficiency! This is possible through the exclusive use of top of the range Sunpower cells.

What does that mean: Solar cells are not 100% the same. Therefore, immediately after their production, they are bombarded with light under very specific conditions, their performance is assessed and classified into certain quality levels according to the results. For the production of all our solar modules, we only use cells that have achieved the highest rating.

24.2% efficiency is the highest level of current technology and with an improved temperature coefficient and microlenses on the surface, we get this in the best possible way, for example, even in high heat or in an inclined sun.

Optimized temperature coefficient

With increasing heat, the performance of solar modules decreases. Many conventional modules have a problem here, especially with direct installation on the roof surface and thus poor ventilation.

For this reason, we have optimized our solar modules for a better temperature coefficient (power loss per degree Celsius). At high temperatures, they achieve an energy yield that is up to 25% higher than most conventional modules!

ETFE surface with microlenses

ETFE has similar features to Teflon coating on domestic frying pans. Due to the dirt-repellent "anti-stick" surface, the super flat solar module stays clean longer and therefore efficient until the next cleaning. This is particularly easy thanks to the ETFE surface. ETFE is also more translucent than other plastics.

The surface of "black tiger sf" is equipped with microlenses. In this way, the reflection of the light, when the sun is at an angle, is reduced and the light waves are captured much better. They are bundled and directed onto the cell surface.

Highest reliability

The extremely thin cells of the super flat solar module not only make it less susceptible to mechanical damage.
"black tiger sf" also has a full-surface copper contact layer on the back. On the one hand, this ensures that the surface on the front is less concealed, and on the other hand, it also ensures that the module continues to function if microcracks have occurred due to external influences. In the conventional way of making contact, however, if individual cells or cell areas are damaged, the entire solar module often is affected.


Bypass diodes for performance in partial shading

A special interconnection with bypass diodes ensures that if the module is partially shaded, the output does not drop completely. Certain areas remain unaffected by each other, so that cells in the sun can continue to produce full yield, while other cell areas are in the shade.


The frameless "black tiger sf" solar modules in 110 and 160 Wp are flexible enough to adapt to the curvature of your vehicle's roof. There is no need to create a level substructure or a roof rack.

Flexibility of this module with 110 Wp over the length: 2.5 %.

Please note: The modules may only be bent lengthways.

Ultra flat and ultra light

This ultra-light module weighs just 3.5 kg. A laminated fiberglass plate ensures stability despite its low weight.

The connection is made on the front using a pre-assembled, 7 m long cable with a diameter of 2 x 4mm2 in a waterproof junction box. For roof penetration we recommend the $ # a: 124542: waterproof cable penetrations from Scanstrut (6-10mm) # $.

Solar controller

A solar controller is always required to connect the panel to the battery. To connect the panel to a solar controller, the cable only needs to be laid in the vehicle and connected to the corresponding "+" and "-" poles of the controller.
The $ # a: 124827: SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 # $ solar controller is sufficient for one module. If you want to connect several panels together, a larger controller is required. You can find out which controller you need with the following calculation:
The values ??of an MPPT 75/10 mean a maximum of 75V open circuit voltage of the panel (Voc) and a maximum of 10A nominal charging current. The Voc value is in the data sheet for each panel, the nominal charging current must be calculated. The black tiger sf 110 has a voc of 40.80V. That is less than 75V and therefore the solar regulator is empty with 75V

cells per module 62
solar cells Sunpower Maxeon Gen. III
quality Ultra Peak Performance
power tolerance +- 3 %
nominal peak power (P max) 110 Wp
nominal voltage (V mpp) 34.0 V
nominal current (I mpp) 3.24 A
voltage temperature coefficient  -1.74 mV/K
current temperature coefficient 2.9 mA/K
power termperature coefficient -0.29 %/K
open circuit voltage (V oc) 40.80 V oc
short circuit current (I sc) 3.49 A sc
cell efficiency 24,.2 %
operating temperature -40 to +85 °C
max. system voltage 100 VDC
size 540 x 1080 x 4 mm (+ junction box)
weight 3.5 kg

Technical data at STD (standard test conditions) with 25 °C ambient temperture, 1000 W/m2 solar irradiance and an AM factor of 1.5.






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Technical specifications
12V 24V
max. power:
Item weight:
3,49 kg
Dimensions packing ( l × w × h ):
108,00 × 54,00 × 0,40 cm
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