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Unfortunately, due to high demand, our "Warmduscher" Kits are now and then only available for a very short time.
We get sporadically smaller deliveries. The only option is therefore to activate the notification function (select desired item and then click on "Notify if in stock") and quickly order when the message comes and the desired Warmduscher Kit is currently in stock.
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Warmduscher-Kit heating and hot water installation set for campers, 4 kw 12V 6l with PU-27

Warmduscher-Kit enables the uncomplicated diy-installation of heating and hot water in a compact system. For a warm shower in your camper or boat - anytime and anywhere.
Why is this item not available? And why can we often unfortunately not answer the question "When will you get it again?" so precisely? Read more in our open letter to our customers
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Take a warm shower in your camper, anytime and anywhere

Warmduscher kit - originally made by tigerexped

The warmduscher kit is the perfect way to equip your camper with warm water. In contrast to technically complex combination devices, it is

  • much cheaper,
  • with less risk of failure and failure,
  • easy to repair it yourself if necessary

The advantage of the warmduscher kit is that it is simple and the two main elements work separately from each other. If the boiler is damaged during a trip, the heating will not also fail. Not being able to take a warmduscher is one thing - not having a functioning heating system at minus 20 degrees just because a defect in the boiler switches off the electronics of the entire heating system, the other.

What does the warmduscher kit do

It can produce hot water in two different ways.

  • when the heating is running: Without using any additional energy! Hot water is the "waste product"
  • if the heating is not running: then it is warm, the sun is probably shining or was shining in the last few days. That means that you have energy yield from the solar system. In this case, hot water can also be obtained using an electric heating cartridge. Of course, this works just as well via the shore power connection.

What does the warmduscher kit consist of

The warmduscher kit is a simple system that is perfect for a diy camper conversion.

It mainly consists of two components. An Autoterm Air parking heater and a hot water boiler, which is connected directly downstream.

The heated air flowing out of the heater first flows through the boiler before it is released into the room air.

The heating

The Autoterm Air 2D and 4D diesel parking heaters have become indispensable in campers, Exmo, boats and yachts. The robust air heaters from the Russian manufacturer have proven themselves for many years and enjoy the best reputation in the DIY Camper Scene.


Installation can be carried out without loss of guarantee, i.e. without a specialist workshop. They have an e-mark, which means that the installation does not have to be registered by the TÜV.

Consumption and noise development

Autoterm heaters are economical in consumption and quiet in operation. For even less noise, see our Schlafgut silencer available separately under item number 17896/17895.

Altitude kit

The heaters are equipped with an altitude kit so that even nights at very high altitudes can be spent in a cozy, warm camper.

Possibility of repair

Another big advantage: You can confidently say that an Autoterm heater runs and runs. However, should a repair be necessary, it can even be brought back to work by a layperson (e.g. during a trip) without major problems.

You can find more information about the heaters under the articles Autoterm Air 2D and Autoterm Air 4D.

The boiler

You can choose between two boiler sizes with 6 l and 10 l. choose. Even if 6 liters doesn't sound like a long shower - bigger isn't necessarily better here and 6 liters go much further than you first think. The small price difference does not justify the thoughtless purchase of the 10 liter boiler.

The water in the boiler becomes extremely hot, far too hot for a shower. At a good 80 degrees, a lot of cold water has to be mixed in until the water has reached a comfortable temperature. The water from the 6 liter boiler is therefore completely sufficient for two people to shower.

With a 10 liter boiler, even 4 people can enjoy a warmduscher with a little practice.

This is the Warmduscher-Variant with 6 l boiler (39 x 22 x 23 cm). Choose accordingly if you prefer 10 l. 

Remember when choosing:

The larger the boiler, the longer the heating time. In addition, the large boiler is 40% longer than the smaller one.

Just like with parking heaters, “too much” output quickly becomes a disadvantage.

What do I get with the warmduscher kit?

Also included is the heater with installation kit and control unit:

  • Heater with 4 kW output in 12V (Length: 33 cm, height: 12 cm + 2.5 cm connections, depth: 12 cm)
  • Plug-in wiring harness with AMP SuperSeal connectors,
  • Exhaust silencer made of stainless steel, (17 x 9 x 5 cm)
  • Fuel pump,
  • Intake silencer (for the heating burner, not the warm air!),
  • Fuel line
  • a range of small parts for Installation.

You can find the detailed specifications for the heating in the article description for the Autoterm Air 4D.

  • Control unit with OLED display, PU-27 (cable length 1.8 m, menu navigation in English and Russian, with built-in temperature sensor).
  • Boiler with 6 liter capacity - boiler made in Germany, pressure-resistant made of stainless steel. Dimensions 39 x 22 x 23 cm. Weight 4 kg.

With drain valve (so that the boiler can be completely drained before the vehicle is stored in winter) with integrated 500 W / 220 V heating cartridge.

For the hot air system:

  • 2 rotatable air nozzles for hot air
  • 2 m hot air pipe,
  • 2 adapters for the hot air connections of the boiler
  • a 60 mm Y-regulating flap with Bowden cable remote control for warm air routing between channels A and B.

On the water side we deliver:

  • adjustable thermal mixing valve
  • 3 matching 10 mm brass hose nozzles.

What else do I need for the Installation?

Holder / mounting flange

Depending on the vehicle and installation location, the heater can be mounted directly. In most cases, however, it is advisable to use a holder or our installation flange. Since we don't know your vehicle, one of the special flanges is not included in the Warmduscher kit from the start.

Water hoses

The problem with tubing of the water system is similar to the flanges. Every vehicle is different, the customizations and plans are individual. Calculate the length of the hot and cold water hoses when you have determined the installation position for the heating, boiler and all other components of the water system and order them later if necessary.

Important to know:

If you also use the water in your camper for drinking or cooking, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the corresponding certification. This way you can be sure that no harmful substances can migrate into your drinking water and that the taste and composition of your drinking water are not changed by the material.

You can find certified hoses at a reasonable price under item number 35767 and 35768 in our range.

Pressure reducer

The inlet pressure on the boiler should not exceed 1.5 bar.

In all pressurized water systems as well as systems with submersible pumps with built-in or separate non-return valve (this affects 99.9% of all water installations) you should in any case connect a pressure reducer in front of the boiler and set it to 1 to 1.5 bar.

Safety valve

The boiler must be equipped with a safety valve set that blows off at 3 bar. Since the pressure increases when heated, the inlet pressure must be limited.

A suitable safety valve set and a suitable pressure reducer can be configured for the package.


Not to follow this advice can result in ruptured hoses and water pipes and flooded vehicles. Even a stainless steel boiler can burst.


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Endlich warmes Wasser
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Endlich warmes Wasser

Ein absolutes Muss!!!

Mit diesem Kit spart man Geld und es enthält alle Teile, die man für eine Installation benötigt.


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