USB-C/USB-A Buck-Boost Converter Socket 100W "convertiger 100" with or without Installation Fitting

USB-C / USB-A charging socket with buck boost - makes 12 or 24V Input voltage up to 20V / 5A (100W max.)!  This makes it possible to directly charge powerful laptops, for example, without an inverter.

  • Display of the charging mode with automatic light switch-off.
  • Suitable for 12 and 24V vehicle electrical system voltage
  • USB-C port with buck-boost function
  • suitable for the switch programs Inprojal 20,000 (this version) and Berker
  • Available immediately
Color cover frame 
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Dann stelle in unserem Konfigurator 1-fach, 2-fach und 3-fach Einbaurahmen der selben Serie, mit dem convertiger und vielen weiteren Einsätzen individuell zusammen - mit wenigen Klicks, alles passend.

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USB-C / USB-A Charger with Buck-Boost Converter

What is the difference compared to a regular USB charging outlet?

In most cases, vehicles are equipped with an onboard voltage of 12V. The problem is that high-powered devices, especially those with fast charging protocols, often require higher electrical power, both in terms of voltage and current, than a standard 12V onboard system can provide. Typically, this is where inverters and bulky adapters come into play, potentially making the electrical installation unnecessarily complicated and expensive.

The convertiger 100 solves this problem without the need for converting to AC. Thanks to the Buck-Boost Converter, it can increase the 12V input voltage to up to 20V / 5A (100W max.) at the USB-C output when required. This allows fast charging protocols like Quick Charge or Power Delivery to be easily used in the 12V system.

Avoiding an inverter also saves valuable power reserves, as inverters consume not only energy in standby mode but also a certain percentage of the delivered power for converting it into the required AC.

Charging at 100W depends on factors such as the requirement of the device being charged (considering its current charging state), the cable used, input voltage, and ambient temperature. Install the charger in a well-ventilated area, as excessive temperatures will automatically throttle down the power output.

If the power consumption of a device consistently remains in the 100W range, the input voltage should be 24V. For a 12V system, it is preferable to operate via an inverter for this application.


Auto Light-Off - for Undisturbed Sleep

The current charging voltage is displayed for 20 seconds after plugging in the charging cable, thanks to an LED indicator. After this time, the indicator automatically turns off. After another 10 seconds, the backlighting also automatically turns off. This ensures that the charging device does not emit any light that might disturb sleep or consume unnecessary power (even though minimal).

Compatible with Inprojal Installation Components

Our Buck-Boost charger fits into the Inprojal 20,000 installation system, seamlessly integrating into your vehicle's interieur.

In the drop-down menu, choose whether you want to use compatible Inprojal installation materials and find the matching Color.

Alternatively: Also available for installation in the BERKER switch range!

The BERKER switch range is installed in your vehicle? Click here and get the convertiger 100 in the appropriate version - for retrofitting that does not differ visually from the existing design.


Input Voltage: DC 9-30V
Output Power: max. 100W

Cable Thickness

For installation, the following guidelines for cable thickness apply:

* The specified cable lengths correspond to the total length of the positive and negative leads (fuse box - charger - fuse box).

Cable Length* 12V 24V
4m 2.5 sqmm 1.5 sqmm
7m 4 sqmm 2.5 sqmm
10m 6 sqmm 4 sqmm

Important to Know: Charging Standards

There are various fast charging protocols in the world, which unfortunately are implemented very heterogeneously in the market. Apple was always the forerunner with a protocol that implemented exactly 2.4A, which was adopted by many other manufacturers, including Android-based phones. We have tested various ones that charge quickly without any issues. Meanwhile, other chip manufacturers have come up with different protocols, such as Qualcomm with QuickCharge or PowerDelivery as a cross-platform standard. Ultimately, the charging speed depends on the chip in the phone, which then informs the outlet about what it supports. Since we have not yet reached a completely standardized world (as seen in the battle between Micro-USB vs. Lightning vs. USB-C), we currently have all three standards scattered in the market. Since we cannot implement everything at once, we have divided as follows:

USB-A Output: 5V/3A; 9V/2.22A; 12V/1.67A (20W Max) (QC3.0 Standard)
USB-C Output: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15/3A; 20V/5A (100W Max)

We ASSUME that in the future, we will see more phones transitioning to PD3.0, but that is still speculation and will take several years. Until then, we have the aforementioned diversity, and it's a matter of luck as to where and at what speed you can charge. If it's just for your own vehicle with your own phone, one Alibaba outlet may happen to implement the exact right protocol, but if someone with incompatible hardware comes along, it won't work well. Unfortunately, it's a messy situation at the moment, but it's beyond our control.


Low Standby Consumption:

13V: 10.19mA = 0.132W
26V: 6.93mA = 0.180W



Video: Das zeichnet den convertiger 100 aus

Video: convertiger 100 Einbau & Vergleich Inprojal - Berker

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Produkt macht einen sehr hochwertigen Eindruck. Einbau und Anschluss war kein Problem. Ich betreibe damit ein altes MacBook Pro in meinem Kastenwagen ohne Probleme. Durch das vollständige Ausschalten der LED‘s am convertiger 100, gibt es auch kein störendes Licht in der Nacht.
Leider passen die Blenden der Berker Integro Flow Serie nicht, hier musste ich dann kreativ sein.
Wer eine Leistungsstarke und sehr gut verarbeitete USB-Anschlussmöglichkeit sucht, sollte zuschlagen.

Super Teil????
5 from 5
Super Teil????

Ideal für unser Tablet wo die Navigation drüber läuft

Läd meine Geräte echt schnell
5 from 5
Läd meine Geräte echt schnell

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meinem
Neuen Ladegerät. Es ist beleuchtet, zeigt die Ladespannung an und passt diese auch dem Gerät an. Schön finde ich, das das Licht nach kurzer Zeit wieder komplett aus ist. So stört nichts den Schlaf in der Nacht.

5 from 5

Habe das Ding bei mir ins Womo eingebaut und es funktioniert bestens. Laden des MacBook Pro M2 oder andere Geräte ohne Probleme. Das dass die LEDs nach kurzer Zeit ausgehen ist super.

Austausch von 220V Stecker
5 from 5
Austausch von 220V Stecker

Hab meinen nicht gebrauchten 220v Steckplatz ausgetauscht und dadurch gleich die vorhandenen Kabel verwenden können… lediglich auf 12V umgesteckt und der Convertiger läuft… MacBook wird super schnell geladen! Einfach Top das Teil! Hab ewig auf sowas gewartet!

100% Tigerexped
5 from 5
100% Tigerexped

Verarbeitung in gewohnter Tigerexped Qualität! Nach dem das kleine UFO mich schon sehr überzeugt hatte und die kleine USB-C Buchse den besten dienst leistet ,ist nun der convertiger 100 bei mir im Bus eingezogen. Einbau war super simple, das optische Ergebnis ist Top. Von Kameraakkus bis zu meinem MacBook wird alles geladen und der Inverter kann öfter aus bleiben.

Total entries: 6


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