Achtung eingeschränkter (Tech-)Support in dieser Woche!

Vom 22. - 26.Juli kommt es aufgrund einer internen Veranstaltung zu Verzögerungen beim (Tech-)Support. In dieser Zeit ist der allgemeine Support eingeschränkt und der technische Support nicht telefonisch zu erreichen. Die Telefonhotline und die Logistik sind am 23. Juli nicht besetzt.

According to our cancellation policy, cancellations must be registered, preferably in writing, stating all relevant order data (customer name & number, order and/or invoice number) and listing the items to be returned and their quantity. We will send a return note by email to the address given in the order. This must be enclosed with the return so that it can be clearly allocated and refunded as soon as possible after receipt and inspection of the goods. Please order replacement items separately.
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Even though we take great care to avoid them, mistakes can happen. If something has been delivered incorrectly, damaged or incomplete, please send an email with all relevant information about the order (customer name and number, order and/or invoice number, description of the error) and a photo evidence, gladly also a callback number. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We will get back to you as soon as possible and together we will see what replacement will make both parties happy.
In the event of an unjustified complaint, we reserve the right to charge for the costs of inspection and return.
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Should technical problems and malfunctions occur, we can only help if they are described very specifically (and honestly) and preferably documented with photos. Please always state the error code and describe the problem and the general conditions under which it occurs as precisely as possible and add installation photos. We always try to rectify faults by remote diagnosis before anything has to be removed and sent in. If the malfunction occurred due to installation or operating errors, a sent-in unit would probably run without problems on our test stand. Therefore, if our test does not reveal a malfunction, we reserve the right to charge for the cost of the test and return and we will not be able to do anything or repair anything. Please note: A problem caused by incorrect installation or operating errors will reoccur sooner or later, even after repair or with a replacement unit. In addition to the exact error description, customer and order data incl. call-back number are of course also necessary.
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In the event of a cancellation by the customer, replacement items must be ordered separately. We will refund the purchase amount after receipt and examination of the return. In the case of complaints, exchange deliveries will be agreed individually with our staff.
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