Module SOLAR 12V: 4x180Wp, 1100x796mm "black tiger" panel with Victron MPPT charge controller, Bluetooth, fuse protection

Module SOLAR for electrical systems in travel vehicles. Contains high-performance solar modules from tigerexped solar and accessories. Also includes installation and simplified circuit diagrams for self-assembly.

ATTENTION: The power pro system is ALWAYS connected to personal advice through one of our technicans. Modules can only be purchased afterwards. Find out more here!

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Module SOLAR

Charging via solar is the cheapest and most practical way to get electricity while on tour. In addition to the purchase, there are no running costs such as higher fuel consumption when charging via alternator or costs for charging stations on camping places. However, all three modules have their right to exist and are an indispensable part of projects for longer trips. Sun is not always available either - but with tigerexped solar modules, which are manufactured to our own exacting specifications, you can get the most out of every ray of sunshine!

Black tiger solar panels

For our "black tigers" only cells are used that achieve the highest quality class in the light test during manufacture. Furthermore, thanks to an improved temperature coefficient, they ensure high yields even when it is very hot and, thanks to the clever interconnection with isolating diodes, deliver electricity even when there is partial shade.

Read more about the technical features of tigerexped solar here.

The SOLAR Module can be equipped with black tiger panels in various sizes for the best use of roof space and in two fundamentally different designs:

  • For adaptation to slightly curved roof surfaces or when every centimeter counts in height, the semi-flexible version.
  • For level mounting surfaces with an elegant, black anodized aluminum frame.

Further components of the Solar-in module

MPPT charge controller for an optimal output of the connected solar panel(s) - our technician will advise you on the possibilities of the interconnection. So it is definitely an advantage to use a separate charge controller for each panel instead of connecting all panels to the same controller, even if this would fit in terms of the overall performance. All data of the charge controller can be displayed via the app on your mobile phone.

TIP: There is a lot of confusion about solar. So we started a social media call to ask ourselves the most burning questions about “Solar in the camper” and turned it into a Q&A video that you might be interested in: Click here to watch it on Youtube and subscribe to not future ones Missing information!

A correspondingly adapted protection of the solar system is of course also included in the scope of delivery of the solar-in module.


Our SOLAR module adapts completely to your needs and space conditions. Everything is possible from 100 to well over 1000 Wp. (Insufficient roof area can also be supplemented by flexible folding panels. Our tigerexped solar bags have up to 180Wp and are therefore a powerful support that can be used during idle times. In the drop-down on the top right you get an overview of possible options.

The package selected here contains the components mentioned in the article title, in the dropdown at the top right you will get an overview of other possible options - whereby the possible combinations are almost limitless, we will put together your individual package for you.

The same applies to all of our tigerexped power pro modules anyway: purchase only after telephone advice from one of our experienced technicians. Together with you, he designs a harmonious system with perfectly coordinated components. So you can be sure that the electrical system in your touring vehicle is reliably doing exactly what it is supposed to and is safe to operate.

As with all of our tigerexped power pro modules, however, the following applies: Purchase only after consulting one of our experienced technicians over the phone. Together with you, he will design a coherent system with perfectly coordinated components. So you can be sure that the electrics in your travel vehicle are reliably doing exactly what they are supposed to and that they are safe to operate.

That sounds good? Then request your telephone advice right here!

Buy individual components

In addition to our tigerexped power pro module range for more demanding projects, which is always linked to personal advice, you can of course also simply order individual parts for your electrical system from us in the shop - see, for example, the menu item: Build Your Vehicle -> Electrical System.

basic packages

Furthermore, you can easily put together a complete basic electrics package yourself in our configurator. No matter what you choose: All pre-selected components fit together perfectly and result in an electrical system that is usually completely sufficient for normal camping and vanlife Holidays.

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