Off-road canister with spout and vent valve white 30l

Canister "extremely drive". So stable that they can even be used as sand plates. They can withstand 400 kg! With flexible outlet pipe / spout and a valve for venting during the filling and emptying process.
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For off-roading and off-road driving just perfect - canister "extreme drive".

The toughest operating conditions? No problem for the canisters of the "extreme drive" series. They are extremely stable and can therefore be used for more than just transporting liquids.


Canister as sand tray

These canisters can really take a beating. To be precise, up to 400 kg. Therefore, especially the flat versions of the canister series "extreme" are even suitable as a kind of sand tray. When filled, they can be driven over without any problems.

The material withstands these stresses even at extreme temperatures. The canisters can be used in temperatures ranging from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees. For this reason, they are often called "expedition", in deviation from their actual Name.

Extreme drive with nozzle and bleed valve

The "extreme drive" version of our off-road canister comes with a flexible spout and a valve that supports venting during filling and emptying. It makes working with the canister thus comfortable in any Position.

The spout is stowed inside the canister to protect it from mechanical stress and dirt. This means that although your fingers get dirty when you remove the canister, no dirt gets into your tank or engine. Grinding grains of sand could otherwise cause serious damage there.

Of course, the grommet could also be stored in another place safely and protected from dirt. But then you don't have it immediately at hand, you have to search for it or it can get lost. This storage is for you if you like practical solutions that simply work.

As a reserve canister for fuel, the "drive" variant of the "extreme" canister series is equipped with a flexible spout.

More accessories

There are even more accessories for the extreme drive canisters. For example, thanks to matching taps or shower attachments, they can be used as a camping shower or for washing hands on the vehicle.



To have perfect access to the canisters at all times and to keep dirt out of the interior of your travel vehicle, there is a mounting system for the outside of the vehicle for these off-road canisters.

They can even be stacked with it and fastened on top of each other to save space.


Warnings: Transport and storage of fuels

  • Keep the canister with fuel away from fire, burners, stoves, heaters, electric motors and other sources of fire! Fuel vapors can explode in interaction with sparks and fire sources (also when smoking!) even at a greater distance!
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not store in vehicle or living space.
  • Always store fuel in a well-ventilated place.
  • Outdoor use.
  • Keep canister closed when not in use.
  • Do not aspirate fuel by mouth.
  • Store upright.
  • Avoid repeated inflation and contraction of the canister, because they can cause cracks.


Embossing, inscriptions - Germany vs. Russia

There may be discrepancies between the printed and remeasured volumes for these canisters, which may have been caused by inaccurate translations.

We ourselves have measured the following contents: 7l = 6,5l / 14l = 13,5l / 18,5l = 17l

RKK approval / UN packaging markin

The marking as "approved reserve canister for fuel" is completely unknown in Russia. Therefore, the canisters have no corresponding marking.

In our country, the canisters are therefore only to be used off roads as reserve canisters (for hazardous materials).

Please note that there are local labeling requirements. Depending on the (hazardous) liquid filled, a specific color or other labeling may be mandatory.


Food drinking water labeling

In Russia, these canisters are officially approved as transport containers for food. However, this certificate has no recognition in Germany.


General deviations

The manufacturer reserves the right to make slight changes to the product or color. The canisters may therefore differ slightly from the photo or product description.

This does not change the quality and popularity of the canister series "extreme". However, we would like to point out that Russian and German accuracy is sometimes not the same.


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Technical specifications
30 Liter
incl. nozzle 'drive' can be driven over with valve
Item weight:
4,30 kg
Dimensions packing ( l × w × h ):
60,10 × 24,00 × 35,00 cm
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