Victron Energy's VE.Bus BMS to protect the batteries from undervoltage by switching off loads and adjusting the charging current to avoid cell overvoltage or undervoltage.
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<h2>Victron VE.Bus BMS - protection for your LiFePO4 battery</h2>

<p>VE.Bus BMS protects the cells of your LiFePO4 battery</p>

<p>With the Victron VE.Bus BMS (Balancing, Temperature and Voltage control) you can effectively protect each individual cell of your lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) battery from overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature . LiFePO4 batteries have built-in cell balancing, temperature and voltage controls controlled via the VE.Bus BMS. The connection is made via two M8 round connector cable sets.</p>

<h3>Flexibility in configuring your battery bank</h3>

<p>The BTVs (Balancing, Temperature and Voltage control) can be chained to multiple batteries. You can connect up to five batteries in parallel and up to four batteries in series to create a 48 volt battery bank with a capacity of up to 1500 Ah. See the LiFePO4 battery technical documentation for more details.</p>

<h3>Functions of the BMS</h3>

<p>The VE.Bus BMS performs important tasks to ensure the safety and performance of your battery. These include:</p>

<li>Load shutdown in the event of imminent undervoltage: In the event of an imminent undervoltage, the BMS automatically disconnects the loads to protect the battery.</li>
<li>Charge current reduction in case of overvoltage or overtemperature: For VE.Bus products, the charge current is reduced when an imminent cell overvoltage or overtemperature is detected.</li>
<li>Battery charger shutdown in case of overvoltage or overtemperature: The BMS shuts down the battery chargers when a cell overvoltage or overtemperature is imminent.</li>

<h3>Compatibility and Control</h3>

<p>The VE.Bus BMS communicates with all VE.Bus products. You can easily connect it to a MultiPlus, Quattro or Phoenix inverter device using a standard RJ45 UTP cable. There are also control options for other products without VE.Bus.</p>

<h3>Load Disconnect, Pre-Alarm and "Charge Disconnect"</h3>

<p>The BMS offers various outputs for control and monitoring:</p>

<p>Load Disconnect: The load disconnect output can be used to remotely turn loads on and off or to control an electronic load switch (battery protection). The maximum current is 2 A.</p>

<p>Pre-alarm: The pre-alarm output signals imminent undervoltage and can be used to control systems. The maximum current is 1A and the minimum delay between pre-alarm and load disconnection is 30 seconds.</p>

<p>"Charge Disconnect" (Disconnect Charge): The output &quot;Charge Disconnect&quot; is activated when a</p>

<p>Cell overvoltage or overtemperature is imminent. It can be used to control the switching on and off of a charger, a Cyrix-Li charger relay or a Cyrix-Li-ct battery coupler. The maximum current is 10 mA.</p>

<h3>LED indicators for clear status information</h3>

<p>The VE.Bus BMS has LED indicators that show you important information:</p>

<p>Powered on (blue): The VE.Bus products are powered on and ready for use.<br />
<br />
Cell>4V or temperature (red): The output "Charge Disconnect" is set LOW because a cell overvoltage or overtemperature condition is imminent.<br />
<br />
Cell>2.8V (blue): The output "Load Disconnect" is set HIGH, which means that the load disconnect is not active.<br />
Reliable protection for 12V, 24V and 48V systems</p>

<p>The VE.Bus BMS offers a wide operating voltage range from 9 to 70V DC and therefore effectively protects 12V, 24V and 48V systems. With its robust construction and advanced control technology, it ensures the safety and performance of your LiFePO4 battery.</p>


<p>The Victron VE.Bus BMS is the ideal solution to protect the cells of your LiFePO4 battery and extend their service life.</p>

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