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Charging Converter VCC 1212-90

Votronic VCC 1212-90 charging converter for optimal charging of bord batteries of different types via alternator. High loading capacity or full charge, even on short distances.
Also suitable for intelligent alternators (Euro 6, Euro 6+)!

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Charging Conterter (B2B charging converter) RV / boat 12V - 12V

Charging converter or B2B charging converters enable the on-board battery to be charged while driving through the alternator. Depending on the device type, they also adapt the voltage generated by the alternator to the voltage used in the living area - for example, in motorhomes on truck chassis from 24V to 12V in the living room. In this way, many devices that are almost exclusively available in 12V versions (or only very rarely and then very expensive as 24V versions) can be operated without any problems.

The charging converter variants that are available for selection under the article located here (VCC1212-30 - VCC1212-90) are suitable for 12V vehicle electrical system voltage for charging 12V secondary battery systems (1212). The specification -30 to -90 refers to the maximum current flow in amperes. Simply select the variant that is right for you in the top right.

Here you will find charging converters from 24V to 24Volt and 24 to 12 Volt.

Why a charging converter instead of isolating relay

Charging converters ensure the charging of the supply battery from the alternator during the driving in an optimal and fast way. A cut-off relay simply supplies the incoming voltage to the rear. A charging converter, however, increases the charging voltage to the value that is necessary for the respective battery type for a full charge and recommended by the battery manufacturers. This allows the full charging current to flow and the batteries are charged faster.

Losses, such as those caused by long connection routes or otherwise, as well as voltage fluctuations on the alternator are properly compensated. Charging converters / converters with different input and output voltages (12V / 24V or 24V / 12V) can be used to charge a second battery without installing a second alternator.

Votronic charging converter and Euro 6

VOTRONIC charging converters provide a clean, stabilized and smoothed voltage for sensitive consumers - even if the voltage provided by the alternator fluctuates strongly, as is the case with newer generation vehicles (from Euro 6, with so-called “intelligent alternators”), or other malfunctions appear.

Optimized charging characteristics

The intelligent microprocessor charge control with "IU1oU2oU3" charging characteristics and dynamic charging time calculation automatically ensures both fast and gentle full charging of the batteries as well as a subsequent full charge from every state of charge. They also always allow the simultaneous supply of consumers in parallel to the second battery.

LiFePo4, AGM or lead acid batteries

  • With the Votronic VCC charge converter, different programs can be selected for charging different types of batteries.
  • Gel charging program for sealed, gas-tight gel / dryfit batteries with fixed electrolyte.
  • AGM charging program for charging closed AGM batteries with lead-fleece technology
  • UNIVERSAL charging program for lead-acid / wet / AGM batteries
  • LiFePO4 charging program for lithium batteries. Battery protection at high and especially low temperatures <0 ° C.

Charging Converter control

The charging converter is switched either manually via the on / off switch or automatically via the vehicle ignition (or signal D + when the generator is activated).

Votronic VCC series charging converter - advantages at a glance

  • Fast charging of the batteries, even on short journeys
  • Charges with optimal characteristics for the type of battery used
  • Compatible with intelligent alternators (Euro 6 / Euro 6+)
  • Compact, light and safe
  • improved energy balance of the on-board battery without interfering with the starter circuit
  • 12V consumers are protected against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations when they are also supplied
  • The batteries cannot be overcharged
  • The charge converter activates itself when the alternator is running. The batteries are not discharged when the engine is not running.
  • If the on-board battery is charged and power is withdrawn / consumed at the same time, charging continues or a full charge is maintained. The monitoring and control is fully automatic.
  • Completely safe operation. Multiple protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, malfunction and battery back-discharge through electronic curtailment up to complete separation of device and battery.
  • On-board network filter - Can be easily combined with other charging sources (e.g. solar system, other chargers)
  • Voltage losses on long charging cables are automatically compensated
  • Connection for battery temperature sensor (included in delivery): In the case of lead batteries (acid, gel, AGM), the charging voltage is automatically adjusted to the battery temperature, results in better full charging of the weaker battery in cold weather, unnecessary in summer temperatures Battery gassing avoided.
  • Protection of temperature-sensitive LiFePo4 batteries during charging.
  • Charging program for deeply discharged lead batteries
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