Parking heater kit Land Rover Defender Td4 with Autoterm Air 2D and OLED Control Panel

Our parking heater installation kit for your Land Rover Defender Td4. The kit includes the proven Autoterm Air 2D (Planar 2D) heater with height kit, parking heater console and everything you need for Installation.

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Parking heater Land Rover Defender Td4

With this installation kit for an Autoterm Air 2D (Planar 2D) parking heater, you get everything you need for installation in your Defender.

To make it easy to retrofit a parking heater for the Defender Td4, we have put together a kit that can be installed without a high-end workshop. It consists of a cubby box elevation that already has all the necessary holes for the air outlets of the Autoterm Air 2D and a panel with a mount for your desired control unit. In addition, there is a mounting plate with the holders for the burner intake, the exhaust pipe and the fuel line. The icing on the cake is that it also includes a fuel extraction system for which you don't even have to remove the tank. (Only for vehicles without a flow-through tank in the rear right wheel housing).

Mounting the Cubbybox Raiser

For mounting, you only have to unscrew your Cubbybox and the original base plate of the Cubbybox. Our mounting plate fits directly onto the holes of the original. The heater and the Cubbybox elevation are then attached to it. Your Cubbybox is then mounted on top.

Installation of the tank pick-up & electrics

The installation of the tank pick-up is also very easy. All you have to do is detach your filler neck from the original tank and shorten it a little. The shortened piece is then replaced with our supplied adapter and screwed back onto the filler neck.

In the last step, you still have to wire the electrics, but everything for this is also included in the kit.

Altitude kit and heating maintenance

The heater is equipped with an altitude kit: our tests up to 3440m went without a hitch, we think no major problems are to be expected up to approx. 4000m. The software itself also calculates up to 5000m. However, this does not mean that it cannot soot! If you leave the altitudes, run your heater at full power for an hour so that deposits can burn off.

Free-burning is also necessary if you operate the heater at the lowest setting for a long time. Set it to full power every 1 - 2 weeks at the latest, so that the combustion chamber gets really hot again. This is the most important and at the same time the only maintenance measure on the heater.

The idea is that the heating is used for continuous running. This means that the heating is not switched off, but continues to run at a low power level. Keeping a room at the right temperature uses much less energy than trying to heat up a cold interior within 30 minutes.

Control unit

OLED Control Panel (former PU-27): The digital control panel with OLED display has an integrated temperature sensor (cable length 1.8 m), but an external temperature sensor can also be connected if the control panel is mounted in an unsuitable location (e.g. in a cabinet). Control via a fixed power level is also possible. The unit has a timer function. Menu navigation in English and Russian.

If you prefer the Comfort Control Panel, please select accordingly in the drop down menu.


All Autoterm heaters have an E-mark (e2) and can therefore be installed without registration. The hole pattern corresponds to that of the familiar heaters from Eberspächer or Webasto.

Technical data on the heater:

  •     Operating voltage: 12V
  •     Heating capacity: 0,8kW (min), 1,8kW (max)
  •     Air volume flow: 34m³/h (min), 75m³/h (max)
  •     Fuel consumption: 0,1ll/h (min), 0,24l/h (max)
  •     Power consumption: 10W (min), 29W (max)

Heating scope of delivery:

  •     Heater 12V
  •     OLED Control Panel with internal temperature sensor (cable length 1.8m)
  •     Dosing pump
  •     Exhaust silencer (17 x 9 x 5 cm)
  •     Rubber holder Metering pump
  •     Wiring harness metering pump
  •     Wiring harness heater
  •     Intake air hose with integrated silencer
  •     Heat protection hose
  •     Exhaust pipe end piece + clamp
  •     Tank intake pipe
  •     5.5m Fuel line
  •     300mm Fuel line connector
  •     1m Exhaust corrugated pipe metal
  •     Screws, nuts, clamps, heat shrink tubing, cable ties
  •     Instruction Manual

Scope of delivery additionally in Defender-Kit:

  •     0,3 m Hot air pipe
  •     Webasto Outlet
  •     Cubbybox-Raiser
  •     Mounting plate
  •     Tank extractor for Landrover Defender 90/110/130 Td5 2.5, Td4 2.4 und Td4 2.2
  •     Suction hose with filter


Dimensions heater:

    length: 33cm
    high: 12cm + 2,5cm Anschlüsse
    depth: 12cm

Weight of the heater without accessories: 2,86kg

Dimension Cubbybox Raiser:

length: 47,5cm
   high: 26,5cm
   depth: 15,5cm

Weight of the Cubbybox Raiser incl. mounting plate: 6,5kg

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Bodenplatte nicht passend für TD5
3 from 5
Bodenplatte nicht passend für TD5

Leider ist die Bodenplatte des Standheizungskits nicht passend für den TD5, da es keinen Kabeldurchlass für den OBD-Stecker gibt. Lt. Nakatanenga soll man einfach einen entsprechenden Schlitz am Rand rausflexen.
Ich werde nun selbst ein Loch durch bohren.
Schade, dass das entsprechende Loch nicht von Werk aus eingeschnitten ist- das trübt den Spaß eines passenden Standheizungskits etwas.

Bodenplatte,Nakatanenga Rahmen und Comfort Control
3 from 5
Bodenplatte,Nakatanenga Rahmen und Comfort Control

Da kann ich mich meinem Vorredner nur anschließen,Für den OBD Stecker muß man selbst eine Öffnung einfräsen, die Warmluftbohrung in dem mitgelieferten schwarzen Rahmen ist für einen 60mm Warmluftschlauch zu klein, auch da muß nachgearbeitet werden. Das Bedienpanel der Comfort Control lässt sich mit den mitgelieferten Senkkopfschrauben nicht an dem werksseitig vorgesehenen Platz an dem von Nakatanenga mitgelieferten Rahmen montieren. Mit Sechskantschrauben besteht Kurzschlussgefahr! Der Abstand zwischen Schraubenkopf und Platine ist zu gering. Meines Erachtens sollten die zugekauften Teile auch vor dem Weiterverkauf an dem beworbenen Fahrzeug getestet werden. Ansonsten funktionierte das System nach 3 maligem Neustart (Dieselleitung leer) auf Anhieb!

Total entries: 2