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Central electrics TEXU400 - fuse holders, busbars and more IN ONE

Power Distribution Block, which replaces the purchase of many individual components for RV electrics and improves their application. For larger campers, motorhomes, expedition vehicles and currents up to 400A.

The TEXU400 offers decisive advantages for self built motorhomes as well as professional manufacturers:

  • saves over 50% installation space compared to the use of conventional products,
  • costs less money, by reducing individual components the need for expensive raw materials (especially copper)
  • less time spent and sources of error due to the elimination of half of all cable crimps!

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  • Delivery time: 3 - 4 Workdays (Other countries)
379,95 €
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Elektrik-Installation so einfach wie nie zuvor.

Schließe alle Komponenten an das "UFO" an und erspare dir aufwendige und unnötig kompliziere Konstruktionen mit Sammelschienen und einzelnen Hochstrom-Sicherungshaltern.

TEXU400 Distribution Block for travel vehicle and boat

The TEXU400 revolutionizes electrical installation. It combines many components that previously had to be purchased individually in a round overall housing. With this shape, it not only optimizes the use of space and the number of possible connections - the special arrangement, which is ONLY available in the TEXU400, enables system integration with groundbreaking low effort. It enables drastic savings in costs as well as time and space while at the same time reducing sources of error and providing the highest level of convenience after installation.

Costs less

The TEXU400 replaces the purchase of several expensive individual components. The clever, round arrangement in a single device also leads to great overall material savings, especially of copper, the price of which has risen extremely recently. In the end, this merger results in a large reduction in the final Price.

Saves space

The elimination of individual components and the unique round design not only saves money - it also requires much less installation space in the travel vehicle or boat.

Faster to install and reduction of sources of error

Instead of many individual parts, only a single unit is assembled, which "incidentally" makes half of all cable crimps superfluous! It saves a lot of effort and additional installation material. However, 50% less crimping also means 50% less stress with connections that can cause trouble. Half of these sources of error disappear in one fell swoop.

Furthermore, the stacking of cable lugs and insufficient ground distribution are a thing of the past.
Compared to a square structure with individual components, you save 46% valuable space!

TEXU400 components and function overview

Split minus busbar

Connect up to 4 battery banks. 11 high-current and 4 standard consumers.
Plus rail for on-board batteries and consumers

Screw connections and fuses

2x MEGA / AMG fuse max.400A,
9x MIDI / AMI fuse max 170A,
4x ATO / ATC / ATP fuse max. 30A

All connection bolts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. For high-current consumers,
M8 bolts with flange nuts are provided throughout to safely connect cable lugs up to 70 mm².

1:1 Ground Distribution

No more inadequate ground distributions: the TEXU400 has a negative connection for each plus connection.

Super easy integration of a total current measurement

The factory-mounted sunt bridge between the minus busbars can be easily removed with screws and replaced with a plastic bar to enable a knife shunt to be integrated quickly and easily.

NEW ON THE MARKET: MEGA fuse with double screw connection

Where cable lugs were previously stacked or an additional construction had to be devised on a case-by-case basis (e.g. with split cables of powerful inverters), there is now a professional solution: A MEGA fuse point with max. 400A with double screw connection ensures professional and safe installation such components.

Ignition protected

The UFO is protected against ignition according to SAE8846 with the integrated, circumferential bar with seal. It is therefore also approved for mounting in the motor compartment.

LED broken fuse control with fiber optics

Immediate diagnosis. Light guides let the LED broken fuse control light up directly on the labeling of the circuits in the closed cover. You can save yourself the trouble of removing fuses and looking for errors upside down in bottlenecks! A prefabricated label set, some of which can be individually designed, is included in the scope of delivery of the TEXU400.

Space for replacement fuses

The TEXU400 contains additional slots for replacement fuses (1x MEGA, 2x MIDI, 2x ATO / ATC / ATP)

Convenient opening and closing

The knob located in the middle of the housing cover allows the cover to be opened and closed without any problems and even enables one-handed operation in confined spaces.


Diameter: 26 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg


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Technical specifications
Item weight:
3,50 kg
Dimensions packing ( l × w × h ):
26,00 × 26,00 × 5,00 cm
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Durchdacht und komfortabel, klare Empfehlung

Ich habe an meinem Wohnmobil die komplette Elektrik neu gebaut. Dabei ist dieser dies mein zentraler Verteiler. Ich habe aufgrund des Preises etwas überlegt. Aber es stimmt schon, wenn man einmal die alternativen Komponenten anschaut sieht man, dass der Preis schon passt.

Es macht auf jeden Fall Spaß und ist komfortabel einzubauen. Mein Junior der mit mir gebastelt hat nennt ihn die Stromspinne.

Würde ich bei jedem Ausbau wieder nehmen...

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