TEXU200 and TEXU400 - For groundbreaking simplification of electrical installation.
Save the purchase of individual parts, installation space and sources of error!
Simply connect all components DIRECTLY to the UFO - without busbars and individual high-current fuse holders! For example:

TEXU400 system example

All of these components can be connected directly to the TEXU400 without any unnecessary detours via busbars.

  • up to 4x battery/battery banks
  • Measurement shunt, battery computer and / or system main switch
  • 1x 230V inverter (up to 3kW in 12V systems)
  • 1x backup inverter, anchor winch, stern winch or similar high-current consumer (alternative: system expansion with a TEXU200 sub-distribution)
  • 2x solar charge controller
  • 1x battery booster for charging via alternator
  • 2x separate sub-distribution for small consumers, additional high-current consumers or charger for alternative shore power voltage
  • 4x small devices directly (battery computer, shunt, test leads, etc.)

The TEXU distribution block offers unprecedented advantages when installing the electrical system.

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System example TEXU200

These components, for example, can be connected directly to the TEXU200

  • 1x battery/battery bank
  • 1x 230V inverter (up to 2kW in 12V systems)
  • 1x solar charge controller
  • 1x battery booster for charging via alternator
  • 1x detached sub-distribution for small consumers
  • 4x small devices directly (battery computer, shunt, test leads, etc.)

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Use the advantages of TEXU200 and TEXU400
  • Replaces the purchase of busbars and high-current fuse holders and is therefore cheaper than common components
  • Simplifies the entire electrical installation
  • Reduces the need for 50% of cable crimps, i.e. less installation time, fewer sources of error, less expensive consumables
  • Requires less installation space than a system setup with conventional components
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    With advantages for professional vehicle manufacturers and resellers, which can ONLY be found with the TEXU200 and TEXU400 (patent pending), the round distribution block will play an important role in developing the product range in the future.

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