Autoterm Flow 5D (formerly Binar 5s) diesel water level heater 5kW 24V incl. installation kit and OLED control panel

The new water level heater Autoterm Flow 5D (formerly Binar 5s) in 12 or 24 V with complete installation kit and OLED Control Panel.
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Autoterm Flow 5D diesel water heater

The Autoterm Flow 5D (formerly Binar 5s) Deluxe is the new water auxiliary heater from the manufacturer Autoterm (or Advers). It is an affordable alternative to the Eberspacher D5W(Z) or Hydronic 5, or the ThermoTop models from Webasto. The scope of delivery includes 99% everything you need for the basic(*) installation required.

Control element

The OLED control panel (formerly PU-27) is digital and allows manual control of the heating as well as programming a timer with heating times of 20-120 minutes. This model allows the programming of (water) temperature thresholds for automatically switching the heating on and off as well as for switching on the vehicle-side fan. In addition, the water temperature and the battery voltage can be queried and any error codes are also displayed.
The menu navigation of the OLED Control Panel is currently only in English and Russian. The operating instructions (also in German) can be found in our Download portal.

Additional heater operation

The heater can also be used in additional heater mode thanks to the programmable temperature thresholds and the automatic mode. The cooling water temperature is also automatically kept high while the engine is running, should it fall below a certain value. The value can be set between 75 and 95°C (standard: 85°C). Whether the electric pump runs in additional heater mode or not can of course be programmed.

The so-called standby mode allows the water to continue to be circulated by the electric water pump while the heating actually switches on when an adjustable temperature threshold of 20 to 95°C is exceeded switches off the burner. If you can ensure that the water in the system is circulated through other measures, the pump operation can also be deactivated in standby mode.

At what water temperature theswitching output(currently still with optional relay set!) for the vehicle fan(ventilation/heating/air conditioning system installed in the vehicle) can also be programmed. The switching thresholds are in the range from 30 to 60°C, and by default it is pre-programmed at 40°C.

(*)Attention: The vehicle fan is controlled by each vehicle manufacturer implemented differently and, with the increasing complexity of modern vehicles, you may need a lot of initiative. We can only provide very limited support here, as it is of course impossible for us to delve so deeply into the vehicle technology of the various manufacturers.

The heating can be controlled remotely using a convenient mobile phone app using the optional GSM modem. Start parameters such as time and heating duration can be set here and the status of the heating can also be conveniently queried.

For professionals: This heater has an extra switching input on the wiring harness so that you can connect your own remote control or other second control unit. All you have to do is connect two cables using a switch or relay. This happens either permanently, then the heating starts and runs until the connection is interrupted again, or with an impulse. A touch pulse of 0.5-3s can be used to switch it on, the next pulse would then switch the heating off again. The advantage of the second variant is that you then also have the option of controlling the heating with various controls - for example, switching it on with a self-made remote control or a button. The switching input is also subject to the 120 minute running time limit with the original heating software!

Info: The angled water outlets can be adjusted by 180°. be rotated. If necessary, additional straight outlets can be ordered instead of the angled water connections - depending on the installation situation.

All Autoterm heaters have an E-test mark (e2) and can therefore be installed without registration.

Technical data:

  • Operating voltage: 12V (10-16V)
  • Heating power: 5 ± 0.5kW (max)
  • Fuel consumption: 0.62l/h
  • Power consumption with pump: 42W (max)
  • Power consumption starting phase

se: 122W (100s)

Scope of delivery:

  • Heater 12V
  • OLED control panel with timer (cable length 1.8m)
  • Dosing pump “Thomas Magnet P327”
  • Rubber holder for metering pump
  • Dosing pump wiring harness
  • Heater wiring harness
  • Intake air hose with silencer
  • Exhaust silencer
  • 6m fuel line
  • 1m corrugated metal exhaust pipe
  • Water pump Bosch PAD 12V
  • Water hose with pre-formed bends for installation
  • Connecting pieces for water hose, T-piece
  • Screws, nuts, clamps, shrink tubing, cable ties
  • User instructions

Attention: The scope of delivery includes a fuel hose as a line connector. The included length is usually completely sufficient when shortened to suitable pieces. If, contrary to expectations, you don't get by, you can reorder the hose by the meter at Item number 35612.< /p>

Dimensions: see pictures

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OLED Control Panel
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Komplette Lieferung, Heizung ohne Probleme
5 from 5
Komplette Lieferung, Heizung ohne Probleme

Heizung mit Einbaukit ist wirklich vollständig. Wer bereits eine Planar installiert hat, muss nur noch das passende T-Stück bestellen.
Der Einbau (hier in einen HZJ) ist machbar, wenn man den Verlauf der Kühlkreisläufe kennt und sich etwas in der Materie auskennt.
Eine Kontrolle durch eine Werkstatt ist dennoch angeraten, da in den Kühl-Kreislauf eingegriffen wird.

Leider fehlt in der Anleitung ein Kapitel zur Einbindung in den Kühl-Kreislauf. Dies macht ein Hersteller, der mit E. anfängt, besser. Dort sind die verschiedenen Varianten ausführlich erläutert.

Nach dem Einbau startete die Heizung beim 2. Versuch ohne Probleme. Nach 30 Min. ist das Kühlwasser um 50 Grad wärmer und der Motorblock bereits handwarm.
Ich bin bisher sehr zufrieden mit der Heizung und kann diese uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen.

Alles dabei.
5 from 5
Alles dabei.

Alles dabei. Gibt nix zu meckern&#128077;&#128526;

Total entries: 2