Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) with cable kit

  • Charging the auxiliary battery via alternator while driving.
  • No discharge of the starter battery when stationary.
  • Kit with all necessary cables and accessories.
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Voltage sensitive relay with cable kit for camper and boat

The original tigerexped 12V cut-off relay for campers, mobile homes or other travel vehicles automatically connects the second battery / on-board battery for charging with the alternator while driving.

Voltage measurement

The relay measures the voltage and does not close until the starter battery is fully charged. Switching through to charge the aux battery takes place as soon as the starter battery has a voltage of 13.3 volts.

No starter battery discharging

The connection between the starter battery and the auxiliary battery is automatically disconnected when the engine is not running in order to prevent the starter battery from discharging when consumers are switched on in the camper.

No voltage drop

Compared to diode distributors or the charging of the motorhome on-board battery via MosFET, there is no voltage drop with this VSR relay, which could lead to the batteries not being fully charged (final charge voltage is not reached) or can no longer be charged at all if the on-board network voltage drops further due to consumers being switched on.

Status Display

An LED in the robust, fiberglass-reinforced nylon housing indicates when the relay has switched through.

Remote status LED

Since the relay is often located at installation locations that do not allow a control view of the status LED while driving, the tigerexped VSR relay offers the option to connect an remote LED. This can be installed in the driver's field of vision and shows at any time whether the relay has switched through (external status LED is not included in the scope of delivery).

Flexible installation possible

The VSR relay allows different types of installation. It can be surface or panel mounted.

Storage mode

tigerexped Troubleshooting: Usually an relay consumes a small amount of current in standby.
Our original tigerexped VSR relay offers you the possibility of really not consumpting any electricity to avoid unwanted battery discharge during winter periods or other long periods of inactivity.
For this purpose, the power supply of the relay can be supplied via an additional switch or ignition plus.

VSR relay wiring diagram / How to install

The instructions for installing the VSR relay can be found in the PDF below.

VSR relay set scope of delivery

1 x VSR (voltage sensitive relay) with mounting screw set
1 x 6 m red cable terminated at both ends
1 x 60 cm black earth cable
2 x positive marine battery terminals
1 x negative marine battery terminal
2 x SC16-8 copper crimp lugs (for red cable)
1 x SC25-8 copper crip lug (for ground cable)
2 x red heat shrink
6 x 200 mm cable ties
1 x instruction manual

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