Complete camper electrics package '99% electrics kit' - simply install and enjoy self-sufficient van life!

This complete electrical package makes the camper electrical system simple and uncomplicated.

  • It contains everything you need, from solar to the appropriate fuses,
  • makes you self-sufficient and independent - thanks to the 100Ah LiFePo4 battery, even in bad weather,
  • is easy to install,
  • contains installation instructions and a simplified circuit diagram,
  • is perfectly coordinated for safe Operation,
  • is suitable for all campers / vans / buses,
  • available at a special bundle price.

And why 99% when everything is included?
Because we have put it together with the experience from thousands of personal electrical consultations from our experts to a 99% probability that it will suit your needs.
Sounds too easy to be true? Read below to find out when the 99% Camper Electrics Complete Package is just right for you.

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99% Camper Electrics Complete Set - Your Easiest Way to Van Life

No electrician? No problem!
When building a camper yourself, the electrical system is often the most feared part of the entire project. There are so many devices and possible combinations - without really wanting to deal with the topic in depth, you hardly have a chance to get it for a professional and safe installation.

The good news:
You don't even have to. Our experts, themselves experienced camper travelers, have not only put together a perfectly coordinated complete camper electrics package that is sure to meet exactly your needs (more on that in a moment) - you also get a built-in and circuit diagram, which enables you, even as a layperson, to install the components professionally.

How Self-Sufficient Does the Complete Camper Electrics Package Make You

The average power consumption in a camper, when used in the travel season from the east to October, is around 500-800 Wh per day - depending on the weather and usage, sometimes a little more or less. Let's see how this need can be secured with the 99% camper electrics package:

Self-Sufficient with Solar

With the 160Wp black tiger solar panel included in the kit, you can expect around 600Wh per day in summer - more when things are going well, a little less when the weather is bad. This means that you are completely self-sufficient on many days in average summer weather. This means you can stay in one place as long as you like without a shore power connection or charging by driving.

But of course, it's not just good for autarc camping. If the weather is good, you can also save on the additional costs for electricity on the campsite, which today costs an additional €5 per day or more; usually.

Self-Sufficient by Driving

If the weather is not so good, the included Victron 100Ah LiFePo4 battery, which contains approximately 1200Wh, will still last a few days without having to recharch much - even if the weather is so bad that the solar doesn't provide anything at all (or you're completely in the shade), your energy supply should still last for two or more days.

But even then, you don't have to drive to a campsite with a power connection and pay money for a place you might not even want to be: The 30Ah charging booster delivers approximately 300-400Wh in one hour's driving time - so after 1 to 2 hours' driving time, you will have "recovered" your daily energy requirements.

So if the weather is really bad and you have completely discharged your battery, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to drive with the charging booster until it is fully charged again from completely empty. If the solar generates 50% of your daily needs, you only need approximately 30 - 60min / day to cover the average of electricity needs. If you plan to see many different places during your vacation, you may never have to go to the charging station.

Charging on Shore Power

The system charges with around 190W of charging current, so the battery will definitely be full again after one night. So if the weather isn't good and you don't want to drive around too much, you can simply recharge on the pitch one night every few days - you probably need fresh water or a generous amount of hot water every few days anyway; e-shower.

Everything at a Glance with the Battery Computer

The battery computer shows you the battery level and particularly practical: How long the battery will last at current consumption.

In wich cases, the 99% Camper Electrics Package is NOT suitable for you

Roughly you can say: If you

  • want to cook on induction,
  • want to do complete self-sufficient office work days on your laptop in the camper,
  • or want to live permanently in your camper

this package will not be enough for you.

In these cases, we offer personal advice via telephone from our tech experts. They will carry out a needs assessment with you and put together an electrical package that is exactly tailored to your individual needs. Do these criteria apply to you? Here you can arrange your consultation appointment free of charge and without obligation :

Now get your “basic” electrical package. Configure!


Installation - Install the 99% Camper Electrical Complete Set Easily and Professionally

We make installation easy for you. You will receive installation instructions and a circuit diagram that can be read even without special knowledge.

What You Should Still Bring with You:

1) A bit of handsmanship and at least a basic understanding of how electricity flows in an electrical system.

2) You should also have a certain basic set of tools - but you are probably not ONLY installing electrical systems and need access to the appropriate equipment for your project anyway.

In addition to the standard tools, you also need crimping pliers to attach the included cable lugs to the cable ends. Why don't we do it ourselves? Because the required cable lengths vary from camper to camper. The 99% Camper Electrics complete package contains enough linear meters of high-quality FLY/FLRY cable - being able to cut it individually to the required lengths makes you flexible when expanding and independent of the ideas and plans of others.

For Which Vehicles Is the 99% Electric Complete Package Suitable?

You can install this camper electrical system in any van / bus / other vehicle with a 12V electrical system and a 12V auxillary on board system.

The cable lengths are generous, so you can also use it to wire a long van.

What Exactly Do I Get with the 99% Camper Electrics Complete Package

All of this is included in the scope of delivery of your camper electrics:

Your Power Storage:

  • 1 x 100Ah Lithium SuperPack from Victron Energy
    The SuperPack batteries are extremely easy to install and no additional components are required.
    The internal switch disconnects the batteries in the event of deep discharge, imminent overcharging or excessive temperature. Victron batteries have also proven themselves for many years in thousands of vehicles, boats and both small and large houses. They are durable and enjoy the greatest user trust thanks to the best experience.

Your B2B Charging Booster:

  • Votronic VCC 12/12-30
    This charging booster for charging the battery via the alternator delivers a cleanly stabilized and smoothed voltage for sensitive consumers - even if the voltage provided by the alternator fluctuates greatly, as is the case with newer generation vehicles (from Euro 6, with so-called intelligent alternators) is the case, or other malfunctions occur. 

    The microprocessor charging control ensures both quick and gentle full charging of the batteries and subsequent maintenance of full charge. It also allows consumers to be supplied at the same time, parallel to the second battery.

Your Shore Power Connection:

  • Blue Smart IP22 Charger
    A professional battery charger from Victron Energy. Equipped with Bluetooth for status monitoring, configuration and updates for newly available functions.
  • CEE power plug
  • CEE to Schuko Adapter

Your Complete Solar System:

  • 1 x Black Tiger Solar Panel with 160 Wp
    Solar panel with 22% cell efficiency, optimized for the highest energy yield. Solar yield even at dusk, maximum reliability thanks to full-surface, rudder ;copper contact layer on the back. Three isolation diodes for even more power in partial shading.


  • Suitable Votronic solar charge controller
  • Solar cable
  • Matching PV plugs and sockets
  • A set of mounting corners for the panel
  • Solar cable feedthrough
  • Dekalin adhesive set

Your Central Electrics:

  • TEXU 200 central electrics "UFO"
    This round central unit greatly simplifies the installation of the camper's electrical system. Connect without detours such as bus bars or additionalUseful high-current fuse holder, simply connect all components to it and you are done!

Your Monitoring Center:

  • LCD Battery Computer 100 S with Smart Shunt
    Fully charged or only half full? The LCD battery computer S from Votronic informs you about all the current data on the battery. Charging and discharging currents are meticulously recorded.
  • Votronic Bluetooth Connector S-B
    Interface between solar controller, battery computer and smartphone or tablet. With the associated app, the status of the on-board batteries and the photovoltaic system can be displayed, graphically displayed and evaluated on your smartphone.

Other Installation Accessories:

  • High-quality FLRY Type B vehicle cables in different cable cross sections, red and black
  • Sufficiently fitting professional quality tubular cable lugs
  • Blade fuses
  • MIDI / AMI backups
  • MEGA / AMG fuses
  • Fuse holder
  • Vending machine box
  • Residual current circuit breaker


  • Installation instructions with important tips and information
  • Current flow diagram in an easy-to-read form


Advantages of the 99% Camper Electrics Complete Package Again at a Glance

  • Charging the living area battery via solar system, the alternator while driving or shore power possible - one package, all options!
  • Long-lasting, branded LiFePo4 battery from Victron Energie - with 1200 watt hours, you can be self-sufficient for two or three days without charging.
  • Everything down to the smallest fuse is included in the package, you no longer have to collect anything yourself and hope that the selected parts fit together
  • Easy to install, even if you are an electrical layman - thanks to the selection of components and the documents provided, which show you what goes together and how and which cables have to go where.

That sounds good!?
We look forward to making your electrical installation easier and wish you great travels!



"Die Funktionen und Leistungsmerkmale in diesem Paket sind einfach das, womit die Leute im oben genannten Anwendungsspektrum glücklich werden - ohne auf der einen Seite etwas zu vermissen, aber auch ohne auf der anderen Seite unnötig Geld für Leistung oder Ausstattung auszugeben, die sie am Ende gar nicht brauchen."

- Technik-tiger Lars. Er hat das 99% Camper Elektrik Paket aus eigener Erfahrung und aus der unzähliger Elektrikberatungen und Bedarafsermittlungen für Kunden zusammengestellt.

Maßgeschneiderte Camper-Elektrik - mit Komplettsystemen von tigerexped

Das Komplettpaket, fix und fertig mit allem, was du brauchst.
100% passend für den typischen Vanlifebedarf - also für 99% der 'normalen Camper'.

Du hast keine großartigen Sonderwünsche und möchtest deswegen auch nicht unnötig viel Geld für die Eletrik ausgeben? Das hier ist für dich!
Du möchtest mehr oder weniger Solar als beim 99%-Elektrik-Kit, eine andere Systemüberwachung oder das Strom-Setup anderweitig individueller an deine spezielleren Wünsche anpassen?

Unser Konfigurator ermöglicht dir genau das!
Deine elektrische Anlage soll dich so autark wie nur möglich machen und dabei möchtest du große Verbraucher wie ein Induktionskochfeld betreiben oder im Fahrzeug ein komplett autarkes Büro betreiben?

In unserem Angebot 'tigerexped power pro' beraten dich unsere Techniker persönlich und stellen deine Wunschanlage individuell zusammen.

Berechne ganz einfach, wie viel Energie du brauchst und welches Konzept der Gewinnung für dich passt

Du willst genau wissen, ob z.B das 99% Elektrik-Kit, bei den Verbrauchern, die du betreiben willst, wirklich "reicht"? Lars und Martin zeigen dir in unserem Online-Magazin, wie du den Energiebedarf in wenigen Schritten ganz einfach selber berechnen kannst.

Energiemenge im Camper – So berechnest du deinen Strombedarf
Was bedeutet „autark“ überhaupt und welche Möglichkeiten bieten sich für deinen persönlichen Bedarf an, es zu werden.

Autark im Camper – Welches Stromkonzept passt zu dir
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