tigerexped power basic - Your Complete Campervan Elektrik

Complete camper electric package for vehicles with moderate power consumption which can be tailored to your personal needs. Whatever you choose: The high-quality components will fit together perfectly.

You will also receive installation instructions and individual, simplified circuit diagrams.

Click on the yellow "Configure" Button to see all components! Of course, you can then cancel/interrupt the configuration at any time and put the basics you need in the shopping cart.

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We recommend Victron Energy Superpack LiFePo4 batteries. The superpacks are characterized by the special quality of the battery cells and very low self-consumption/self-discharge.

In addition to the battery, each configuration option also includes the necessary accessories (e.g. distributor for small devices, fuses, fuse holders). If you already have a battery, you can also select one of the options "without battery", which then only contain the required accessories.

Please select a maximum of 1.
The charging booster is essential for LiFePo4 batteries. On the one hand to charge the battery correctly, but above all to protect the alternator and vehicle electronics from overloading. We also recommend a charging booster for all lead-acid battery types. It ensures that the lead-acid battery is charged with the correct characteristic, regardless of what the alternator is designed for. In this way, the battery is always fully charged without the risk of overcharging it. When making your selection, make sure that you choose the right one for either a vehicle with a 12V or 24V electrical system. Most cars and vans are 12V chassis, trucks are usually 24V chassis. It is also important to choose the charge booster that matches the alternator output. The rule of thumb is: You can use 30-50% of the rated output of the alternator for the charging booster. Most reasonably modern vans have a 100A+ alternator. A 30A charging booster is possible here without hesitation, from approx. 120A you can also choose 50A. For example, for an old VW T3 that may only have a 35A, 55A or 70A alternator installed, you have to choose a small, 20A or 30A charging booster accordingly. With 24V vehicles it is twice as much on the 12V side. If the truck's alternator is rated at 55A, you can afford up to 50A at 12V. Older vehicles in particular have low-power alternators. Be careful not to overload them. If you are unsure, contact our technical advice.
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Here you can choose between different variants of 230V use. Choose a battery charger (Victron Energy IP series) that can charge your body battery from 230V shore power and at the same time supply your 12V consumers with power.

If you need 230V in your camper without being connected to shore power, you can choose an inverter (Victron Energy Phoenix series). The small 250VA inverter with a single socket permanently installed in the device, has a permanent output of approx. 200W.

The Phoenix inverter is sufficient for the little comfort that you don't want to miss even when camping, electric toothbrushes, shavers or any other consumer that can only be charged or operated with 230V. Please make sure not to exceed 200 watts.

The inverter 500VA / 800VA / 1200VA (Victron Energy Multiplus) with integrated battery charger and integrated mains priority circuit has a permanent output of approx. 400W / 600W / 1000W, but above all you can connect several sockets and consumers in your camper. As long as there is a connection to the shore power, this is switched through to all your sockets/consumers and you can use the full power of the shore power socket (usually 16A / 3600W).

If you use the inverter independently without shore power, the priority circuit automatically switches the sockets to the inverter with 400W / 600W / 1000W.

What you are still needing are one or more sockets. Since we don't know how much you want to install and which ones best suit your build, these are not included. Click here for our socket range.

The 230V modules always contain the appropriate RCBO (colloquially called FI switch) or two of them with the 500VA / 800VA / 1200VA (1P+N & 2P+N) variants.

Please select a maximum of 5.
If you want to be self-sufficient with solar, you can choose between different dimensions of solar power here. The matching Victron Energy MPPT smart solar charge controller for each system is included. The MPPT controller has a Bluetooth interface, so you can see the current status and statistics from the last 30 days on your smartphone. Our black tiger solar modules have the highest efficiency and an optimized temperature coefficient for a really high yield. If the modules available here do not suit you or you need two different sizes, there is also a solution. Just contact our technical team.
Please select a maximum of 3.
Our solar sets always contain mounting brackets for the panels, a cable seal, solar cable and MC4 connector as well as an adhesive set to glue mounting brackets and cable seals. Mounting sets for 2 panels: Here we assume that you can mount both panels directly next to each other. If you have chosen two panels but cannot mount them directly next to each other because there is for example a skylight in between, then choose the mounting set for 1 panel and an additional mounting bracket for 1 panel. Depending on how far apart the panels are, you may need a cable extension for one of the two panels, or if they are very far apart, a second roof duct. Our technical team will also be happy to support you with this question if you are unsure.
Please select a maximum of 1.
The monitor module keeps you up to date. Batteries are like a bucket with a lid, you know how much fits in, but not how much is currently in it. The monitor module keeps track of what is loaded into the battery and what you use from it, so the monitor module always knows how full your battery really is. You can see the level of your battery, and if you are currently using electricity, it tells you how long it takes until the battery is empty. You can also see how much is loaded into or out of the battery at the moment. It is also possible to monitor the voltage of the starter battery. Here you can choose between a variant with a small display or without a display. A Bluetooth connection is possible with both variants and you can see all the information with your smartphone.
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tigerexped power basic - what is it?

tigerexped power basic always consists of basic components that are needed in every electrical system and optional devices and functions that can be configured according to individual customer needs. In contrast to tigerexped power pro, it is basically a modular system for moderate requirements in the certain vehicle. If you want to cook on induction, work on your laptop with two people all day, or really want to live completely in your vehicle without making any sacrifices on power consumption, you better go with a power pro system.

A basic system always includes the basic components that are needed for each system. Battery capacity, solar system, charging booster, charging current charger and inverter can be freely configured as desired and required.

The basic components

The following components are mandatory parts of a power basic system:

The distribution block TEXU200 - a unit, designed for a maximum continuous load of 2000VA/200A. It is the heart of the system and connects all components with each other.

The battery main switch is used to switch off the system if it's not used for a long time.

The consumers are connected to the distributor for the consumers  (lighting, refrigerator, auxiliary heating, USB sockets, etc.).

In a system with AGM/gel battery, a deep discharge protection is also included, with LiFePo4 this is integrated directly within the battery.

You can now choose the other components and devices to fit your personal needs. Click "Configuration"! 



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