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Offroad canister "extreme drive" with flexible spout / nozzle

Canisters of the "extreme drive" series are so stable that they can even be used as a recovery aid for vehicles with a load of up to 400 kg. With flexible spout / nozzle.
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Canister "extreme drive" - optimal for overlanding and offroad

Extremely stable canisters for transporting liquids under the toughest operating conditions. So stable that they can even be driven over and used as a "sand tray". A filled canister can withstand a load of 400 kg.

As a reserve canister for fuel, the "drive" variant of the "extreme" canister series is equipped with a flexible spout.

Because the canisters are developed for robust applications, accessories such as the pouring spout are naturally also exposed to these stresses. If you want to keep the spout handy on the canister, it must be protected. It must also be protected from dirt, which quickly accumulates on the inside and outside of the spout, especially during off-road driving. This will introduce particles into the tank of your vehicle or your other fuel-powered equipment, which will cause damage there.

The spout is therefore located inside the canister in the "extreme drive" canisters. Turned upside down, the spout is inserted into the outlet opening and this is screwed.

This way, the hands get dirty when removing it, but this is remedied with washing - a defect caused by abrasive grains of sand is not repaired so quickly.

The way it is housed also means you always know exactly where the grommet is. You don't have to look for it, and it can't fall out of its holder and get lost.

Extreme drive - In any climate

These canisters are not called "extreme" for nothing. They are also often called "expedition" because they can withstand all climatic conditions. They are fully operational from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees. So you're on the safe side in both ice and sand deserts.

Even more possibilities

Suitable for our canister extreme drive there are even more accessories, such as shower attachments or taps. For this reason, they are also "extreme" flexible.



For a practical mounting of the canisters on the outside of the vehicle, check out our mounting accessories!

Attention: embossing, inscriptions - Germany vs. Russia

There may be deviations between the printed volume and the remeasured volume. This may be due to conversion or inaccurate translations by the Russian manufacturer.

We have remeasured the following volumes: 7l = 6,5l / 14l = 13,5l / 18,5l = 17l


RKK approval / UN packaging marking

Marking as "approved reserve canister for fuel" is completely unknown in Russia. The canisters are therefore not equipped with corresponding markings. Therefore, the canisters are only to be used off roads as reserve canisters (for hazardous materials).

When selecting the canister color, please note that there may be local labeling requirements depending on the (hazardous) liquid filled. In addition, further labeling may be mandatory.


Labeling for drinking water / food

The canisters are approved in Russia as transport containers for food. However, there is no testing and certification for food / drinking water release by a German authority.


General deviations

The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor changes to the product, so the canisters may differ slightly in details from the photo or product description.

This does not change the popularity and robustness of the canister series extremely drive. However, we want to draw attention to the fact that the Russian manufacturer sometimes does not meet our German accuracy 100%.


Warnings: Transport and storage of fuels

  • Keep away from fire, burners, stoves, heaters, electric motors and other sources of fire and do not smoke during use! Fuel vapors can explode in interaction with sparks and fire sources even at a greater distance!
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not store in vehicle or living space.
  • Store in a well-ventilated place.
  • Use outdoors only.
  • Keep canister closed between uses.
  • Do not aspirate fuel by mouth.
  • Fully tighten cap during long-term storage of fuels and lubricants in a canister without valve.
  • Store upright.
  • Avoid repeated inflation and contraction of the canister, may cause cracking.


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Technical specifications
blue red
4,5 Liter
incl. nozzle 'drive' can be driven over
Item weight:
0,60 kg
Dimensions packing ( l × w × h ):
30,00 × 30,00 × 8,00 cm
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5 from 5


Absolut Genial
5 from 5
Absolut Genial

Top Qualität, top Größe.
Passt super unter den Beifahrersitz (Ford Tourneo Custom).
Benutze Ihn als Tank für meine Standheizung die in einer Alukiste verbaut ist!

Perfekte Alternative zu den üblichen Jerrycan‘s
5 from 5
Perfekte Alternative zu den üblichen Jerrycan‘s

Habe mir sowohl die 10l als Netz auch die 5l Variante gekauft, letztere für meine Benzinkocher.

Beide passen perfekt, mit Gurtklampen und Zurrgurten befestigt, in die Seitenverkleidung im Laderaum meines Defenders 110 ohne Platz wegzunehmen. So kann ich auch in Ländern in denen das Mitführen von Ersatzkanistern eigentlich nicht erlaubt ist, sozusagen im Stealthmodus Reserve mitführen

5 from 5

Gute Qualität, schön flach

Gut gedacht mit Abzügen in der Verarbeitung
3 from 5
Gut gedacht mit Abzügen in der Verarbeitung

Im Shop gesehen, optisch für durchdacht gehalten und bei Angaben zur Belastung als „Auffahrrampe“ oder „Highliftunterlage“ mit bis zu 400 kg, bestellt…..das Original heißt wohl Rotopax aus den USA. Diese Nachbauten sind aber von der Verarbeitung unter und der Materialstärke in etwa wie Hünersdorff-Kanister zu bewerten. Die gibt es nur nicht in so vielen Farben und Formen wie diese hier…Montagebasis war ausverkauft darum kann ich dies nicht bewerten. Wird bei diesem einen (4.5 Liter in Blau) Kanister bleiben

Reply by tigerexped:

Preislich sind diese Kanister natürlich auch entsprechend anders, sodass hier eine echte Alternative für die allermeisten Einsatzfälle zur Verfügung steht :)

Total entries: 5

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